These denominations are members of CEC:

  • Anglican
  • Apostolic
  • Assemblies of God
  • Associating Churches and Ministries of New Zealand
  • Baptist
  • Christian Brethren
  • Christian Churches of New Zealand
  • Congregational
  • Elim
  • Lutheran
  • Methodist
  • New Life
  • Presbyterian
  • The Christian Covenant Church NZ
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Wesleyan Methodist Church
  • The Catholic Church has observer status.


“Religious Education means learning to understand and appreciate the beliefs by which people live, as an aid to the development of the student’s own beliefs and values. While acknowledging that there are other views of life that would have a place in religious programmes, we believe it is appropriate in New Zealand to give particular emphasis to the Christian faith, the Bible, and the life and teachings of Jesus, because of their pervasive influence through our cultural heritage and history, and their continuing power and relevance.”


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