Each week 2500 volunteers teach 60,000 kids values from the Bible.

By partnering with CEC you are becoming a part of our vision, to empower Kiwi kids to make positive life choices.
With your help we can continue to develop innovative programs and resources to ensure our vital work continues for many years to come.
Thank you for partnering with us and contributing to our vital work, we appreciate your support.


Your regular donation ensures that our vital work continues for many years to come

You can set up your regular donation through setting up either an automatic payment from your bank account or through your credit card via our online store.

Cheques are welcome and are to be made out to the Churches Education Commission.

Automatic Bank Payment

Payable to Churches Education Commission
Account Number 02-0560-0453446-00

Put DON- and your name in the reference field
and then Contact Us to get a receipt sent to you.

Automatic Credit Card Payment

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Make a one off donation

One off donations help us to impact the next generation.

Remembering CEC in your Will

We all have different ways of leaving our mark on the world. Partnering with CEC through a gift in your Will, is one way to leave your mark and contribute to this vital work well beyond your lifetime. CEC is made up of individuals, like you, who want Christian Education to continue in State primary schools throughout New Zealand. With your help we can continue to develop innovative programmes and resources to ensure this work continues for many years to come.

Be a part of our Vision

By partnering with CEC you are becoming a part of our Vision, which is to empower, equip and encourage our volunteers at the grassroots. We aim to assist each of our regional offices with this important role through promotion, recruitment, sustainability and leadership. We greatly value the support of all those who contribute to this vision.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a statement in your Will instructing your executor to give a specific sum of money, item of property, or percentage of the residue of your estate, to a particular person or organisation, such as CEC.

How do I make a bequest?

To make a bequest you need a Will. If you have a Will you can make a simple change to it by executing a Codicil Form. Click here to download a codicil form.
A bequest that is not in your Will or Codicil is unlikely to be valid. Any Will or Codicil needs to be signed and witnessed properly. You are free to place conditions on any bequest. However, since we are unlikely to receive your bequest until far into the future, it is most beneficial to those we are helping if its terms are as general as possible. A decision can be made at the time on where the need is the greatest.

Suggested wording

If you choose to leave a gift to CEC, suggested wording would be:

I give and bequeath to the Churches Education Commission Trust Board (CC22320) the sum of $_______ (or property, assets or a percentage of my estate as described) for the general purposes of the Churches Education Commission Trust Board and I declare the official receipt of the authorised signatory shall be a good discharge to my Trustees.

Should I get legal advice?

When preparing a Will we would always advise seeking qualified legal advice. Consult a solicitor, the Public Trust Office or a trustee company such as Guardian Trust. The New Zealand Law Society and your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau can help you find a solicitor if you don’t already have one.

What do I do now?

I already have a Will and would like to update it with a CEC bequest: Download a codicil form

I would like to know more about leaving a bequest to CEC: Call us on 09 526 0052 or email office@cec.org.nz

Get in touch

We would be delighted to hear if you have decided to include a bequest to CEC in your Will. Not only will we be able to thank you personally for your generosity, but it will also help us plan for the future. For more information or to inform us of your gift, please contact our National Office.

All donations made to CEC are tax-deductible.