1) How do I become a CRE teacher?

Volunteers are required to go through an accreditation process and this involves the following:

  1. Initial Application Form
  2. Commit to ourĀ Code of Expectations
  3. Police Check
  4. http://cecnz.simpliweb.nz/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/2018-Code-of-Expectations-for-CEC-volunteers.pdfChurch Endorsement
  5. Basic Training Course (or iLearn)
  6. Observed Lesson
  7. Placement in a School

2) What is the weekly time commitment for being a CRE teacher?

CRE is usually taught for 30 minutes once a week. In addition to this a teacher needs to allow time for preparation. Preparation time varies but a new teacher should expect to spend at least two hours preparing per week.

3) Can I stop being a CRE teacher at any time?

There is an expectation that in becoming a CRE teacher, where at all possible, you commit to a minimum of one year of teaching.

4) Which school can I teach at?

We will endeavour to place you at a school in the area of your choice.

5) When can I start teaching?

Once you have completed Steps 1-4 above you are able to begin helping in a school. However before teaching a class alone, you will need to have completed Steps 1-6.

6) What happens if I am going to be away for a week or more during the term?

It is important that you notify your Team Leader of your absence as early as possible. They will work with you to find a replacement teacher for the weeks you will be away.

7) Where does the curriculum material come from?

The Team Leader at your school will organise the curriculum material for you.


If you would like to find out more information, or you would like to apply to become a CRE teacher, just get in contact requesting more information.