What is Champions?

Champions is our Large Group style CRE programme and provides an alternative to the typical Classroom style lesson. A Large Group Presenter or team of teachers combine together to present the programme in a suitable large space, such as a school hall. We present a high-energy style lesson incorporating songs, games, stories and often digital media.

When do Champions programmes run?

Ideally Champions is offered during the allocated CRE lesson time specified by each individual school, however we do offer a lunchtime alternative for schools who prefer this option. We typically have anywhere from 50 to 150 children choose to come to our lunchtime sessions.

Who teaches Champions?

We have a fantastic team of Large Group Presenters who have a unique skill set for teaching large groups of children in a fun and engaging way. Each Champions programme has a Team Leader who will be the primary point of contact for the programme. The Champions team will be built around the needs of the environment they will be presenting in. Like our CRE teachers, Champions Presenters must also abide by theĀ Code of Expectations.

Can students opt out of Champions?

Yes they can. The same process for opting out of a typical CRE lesson also applies to Champions. An opt-out form can be requested from the school.

What does the programme cost?

There is no cost to the school or students for this programme.